Walks to End Alzheimer’s Were a Success this Year; Still Opportunities to Fundraise

NEBRASKA – The Walks to End Alzheimer’s were a little different this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, and despite being virtual and not being able to do in person walks, they are saying that they were still a success this year.

Cassie Larreau-Bailey, the walk manager for the Alzheimer’s Association, says that Kearney raised $30,000, Grand Island raised $13,000, and Hastings raised $7,000. She says there are still companies and teams out there raising money for the Alzheimer’s Association. This year, they extended the fundraising season to the end of the year. 

We do have teams that are still registering even though the event might have passed that they normally participate in. They said, hey, we were just so busy with everything going on, we still want to do something. And absolutely, we want to see that, we appreciate, obviously more than anything, the fundraising. And we want to know what everyone is doing so we can celebrate through our social media and our newsletters that we send out and all of those types of things.

The goals this year are $67,000 for Kearney, $40,000 for Grand Island, and $34,000 for Hastings. Anyone can still make a team and fundraise by going to ALZ.org. With the pandemic going on, the fundraisers have looked a little different. A lot of them have been virtual.

Bailey says for people who may not know how to go about doing a fundraiser, the Alzheimer’s Association is open to helping people out with ideas for fundraising. The money raised goes to fund the many different programs the Alzheimer’s Association does and to help fund research for Alzheimer’s and other dementia.

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