Whoopers and Hoopers In Need of Volunteers

HASTINGS – Whoopers and Hoopers will be getting underway on March 15-17 and they are in need of volunteers.

They need to fill about 350 different two hour shifts, but staying longer is encouraged.

Mikki Shafer, the President for the Hastings Area Chamber of Commerce, says there are plenty of different volunteering opportunities.

There is different responsibilities that they’re able to do as well. So the volunteers, they can either be a gym manager which is mainly checking in the teams, getting the score sheets ready and everything. And then we also have our volunteers which will be taking admission at all of the games and then also at the players party as well. And then, one of the positions that we do actually pay for is the scorekeepers and our scorekeepers receive ten dollars per game. It’s usually pretty good to have the students that go to those schools that are familiar with the scoreboards already.

If you would like to volunteer you can call the chamber office at 402-461-8400, and a little bonus if you volunteer is a pass to the players party, and a pass to all of the games.

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