Whoopers and Hoopers In Need of Volunteers And It’s Not Too Late To Register A Team

HASTINGS – With the Annual Whoopers and Hoopers basketball tournament coming up, right around the corner on March 15-17, it’s not too late to register and they are still in need of volunteers.

If you would like to register a team to play in the tournament you have until Friday, March 8th to register. There are plenty of divisions to pick from that will cater to any skill level from an elite division to a men’s 40 plus division. And there are three divisions to choose from on the women’s side starting with an elite division as well.

Nicole Rundle, the program coordinator for the Hastings Area Chamber of Commerce, says there are still in need of volunteers.

We have filled up some spots since last time. We still have several volunteers we need and a couple of gym managers that we need as well. We are still taking volunteers up until, probably Friday of Whoopers and Hoopers on the 15th. Gym managers are the ones who make sure everyone gets where they’re supposed to be when the game starts. And then at the end of the game the call in the scores to me at the arena and I update all of the brackets. And we need ticket takers, so people to take tickets.

Volunteers will receive a free pass to see all of the games, the whole weekend, and will also receive a pass for the player’s party and the three point contest.

If you want to volunteer or find more information about registering a team you can call the chamber office at 402-461-8400 or visit their website at hastingschamber.com.

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