World’s Largest Truck Convoy Friday and Saturday

HASTINGS – An army of truckers and law enforcement officers will escort the World’s Largest Truck Convoy from Hastings to Grand Island on Highway 281 on Saturday and Sunday to help raise money and awareness for Special Olympics.

The events get underway today and will be happening at the Adams County Fairgrounds capped off with a dinner tonight. The Hastings Police Department will be participating in the events as well.

Roger Duering, the event coordinator, says Saturday is the big day for the convoy.

Saturday we start at 9:15 in the morning. We have an opening ceremony, and the drivers and the atheletes get to their trucks by 9:45. Then we pull out at exactly at 10 o’ clock. From the fairgrounds we go around on the by-pass and end out by the softball complex, and then we go north.

The Truck Convoy will start at The Adams County Fairgrounds and take Highway 6 to Showboat, then north on the bypass to 42nd Street and then north on Highway 281 and end at Bosselman’s Travel Center in Grand Island.

The events are open to the public both today and tomorrow. There will be all kinds of trucks from wrap trucks to show trucks. The events are free but they will accept donations to help out local Special Olympics Athletes.

There will also be a silent auction at Bosselman’s up in Grand Island throughout the weekend.

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