YMCA Offering Free Memberships for Sixth Graders and 100 Scholarships for Swim Lessons

HASTINGS – The YMCA is still offering current sixth graders free YMCA memberships. You can apply for these memberships by contacting the Hastings YMCA or by visiting their website, HastingsYMCA.net.

They chose sixth graders because they are at the age where they are just coming out of elementary school and are just starting to get mixed in with the older kids. Studies have shown that they are more vulnerable to stuff going on around them and are being influenced by those older kids. It’s a critical age in a young kids life when they start making decisions that can affect their future.

Troy Stickels, the CEO of the Hastings YMCA, says they also offer low income kids scholarships for free swim lessons.

So you want to come in and fill out a scholarship application. Make sure you qualify. We could of follow the free and reduced lunch guidelines for free swim lessons. But we want everyone to be able to swim. So if you can’t afford it, now is an opportunity to get it for free.

They have 100 scholarships to give away. These scholarships are on a first come, first serve basis.

You can apply for the scholarships at the Hastings YMCA and the swim lessons start at the end of September.

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