YWCA Gowns for Good Sale Begins Today

HASTINGS – The YWCA’s Gowns for Good sale is getting underway today. They will be selling gowns and dresses for  homecoming and prom for a flat price of 30 dollars. They have been accepting donations for the last couple of months to be able to give people an affordable option for these gowns and dresses that can be quite expensive, otherwise.

Charissa Uhrmacher, the Career Services Coordinator at the YWCA, says that this is their seventh year doing this important sale. 

And we’ve had donations ever since. It keeps growing and growing. We were very fortunate to receive a large donation from another sale last year. So we have well over 1,000 dresses. We have all sorts of sizes, and styles, and colors. We have long dresses, we have short dresses. That’s really nice too because it fits the different styles you need for a winter formal versus homecoming versus prom. 

The sale begins today and will continue until Monday. They will also be selling them on February 22 and 23, and March 8 and 15 with all of the sales happening from 1-4.

The sale is happening at the YWCA of Adams County which is located at 2525 West Second Street. The money they raise from this sale also goes to their after school and dance programs as well. 

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