YWCA Gowns For Good Sale Starts Friday

HASTINGS – The YWCA’s Gowns For Good Sale gets underway Friday. This sale is an opportunity for high schoolers to buy a homecoming dress for only $30. It’s aimed at people who can’t afford a gown or people who don’t want to spend a lot of money on a gown.

The hope is that some who may not normally attend an event like this, will attend it since they won’t have to spend a lot of money on a gown.

Sonia Klouse, the assistant director of the YWCA, says that the money from this sale goes towards a very important program they offer.

So with the money that we generate from the sale, sometimes it can go towards our after school program. We have a free middle school after school program that starts on August 26th this year. So with that we have a kind of a fun and supervised, drug free, safe, environment for Hastings middle schoolers to come and hang out for about three hours after school. Again, it’s free of charge so some of the times the money from Gowns for Good can subsidize some of those programs as well. That’s the main thing that it goes towards, I would say, is probably our after school program. That’s our biggest service we provide. Since it’s free, we have to find the money from somewhere.

There will be a boutique set up with mirrors and dressing rooms. The sale will run Friday, Saturday, Monday, and Tuesday from noon to 4pm each day.

It will be at the YWCA which is located 2525 West Second Street Suite 110.

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